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Are You?

Wanting to fully automate your online gift voucher sales process?

Sick of seeing other businesses make sales online?

Wanting to give buyers the opportunity to shop 24/7 and receive gift card purchases instantly?

Ready to start making sales online for your services, products and promotions?

Imagine how life will be, knowing you have an automated proven system to make sales with online gift vouchers with a click of a button...

Is your salon READY for this complete gift voucher solution? 
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Easy E-Voucher System for $997
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(Shhh... here's the best bit— it's not seasonal! Make extra sales all year round; retain customers with this total solution!)

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Get your E-Voucher System set up on your salon website TODAY and start making sales online!

✓  DOUBLE YOUR SALES - selling e-vouchers online will instantly increase your sales (some see 100% increase in gift voucher sales throughout the year.)
✓ RETURN ON INVESTMENT - an easy affordable way to sell the gift experience to customers online.
✓ INCREASE AVERAGE SPEND - give your existing clients the opportunity to spend more with you online. Convenient for last-minute gift shoppers ALL YEAR ROUND!
✓ BRING IN NEW CLIENTS - increase gift card sales online and you can expect an increase in gift card purchases that bring in new clients.
✓ BOOSTS IN SALES - Not just seasonal but ALL YEAR round gift giving! Why not boost online sales with emails and social campaigns at occasions like Mother's Day, Fathers Day and Christmas to generate extra sales EASILY!
✓ IMMEDIATE REVENUE - Revenue generated from each voucher sales is immediate and goes straight into your bank account.
✓  INSTANT GIFTS - gain instant revenue from clients wanting to purchase gifts in a hurry, without them having to come into the store, or spend elsewhere.
✓  AUTOMATED SYSTEM - unique voucher codes are generated with every e-voucher sale, which enables you to manage them in store.


Your Salon's Complete Gift Voucher Solution

Easy E-Vouchers give your clients a solution to the perfect last-minute gift idea, and you get a salon system for more sales!

We create attractive & secure e-voucher products on your website.
We take care of everything so you are free to manage your business while we set everything up for you to make sales online.
- sales linked to your Paypal or Stripe account
- view your sales and reports
- voucher management system to integrate with your POS
- customers receive e-vouchers via email, saving you even more time. Your staff can manage e-voucher sales in your POS

“I have increased my annual online sales by 25% and it cost me $997 to implement. I am making money while I am asleep, my clients love how quick and easy the process is. It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone!
In this day and age you CANNOT afford not to have an online presence to compete with your  competition."

We could only do vouchers in store hours and found that not having an online 
e-voucher system reduced the amount of sales that we could possibly make. Thanks to SSM's Easy E-Vouchers, massive amounts of our vouchers were sold online all year round, NOT just during the key times. 

The team at SSM have it all done for you... easy!

catherine egan
- beauty on rose

Success Stories

Catherine, what was your initial investment?

The total cost was $997, this was well worth it, the team did everything for me, all I needed to do was say yes and provide my branding.

What did you make in the first month through E-Vouchers?

The total voucher value sold for December 201 is $270k, and $130,629.20 of this is from ONLINE purchases alone! Yes, it was peak time, however, we have NEVER sold this amount of vouchers before. This was massive for our business! The E-vouchers were mostly sold between 9pm to 7am in the month of December.

That is peak time, do you feel this could still work even in the quiet times?

Absolutely, in fact, January proved this. Generally speaking, we only would sell vouchers around Mother's day, Valentine's Day and Christmas. January is normally our softer month. However thanks to E-Vouchers we sold $27,000 in vouchers ONLINE during this month!

What IS your advice to other salon owners that don’t have E-Vouchers just yet?

You will find that majority of E-Vouchers and communication on social is between 9 pm-12pm and 5 am–7.30am, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it. People are relaxed at home and the kids are in bed. I would recommend you set up social posts linking to your E-Voucher sales pages on your salon’s websites, and you will not believe the results. 
Honestly, having E-vouchers will be the best decision that you will ever make; you will now have something making you money 24/7 - 7 days a week, it will be your secret weapon to make money.

Read on and see how Catherine grew her salon sales over 100k when we ask her the tricky questions…

Is your salon set to be E- Voucher ready? Get E-vouchers NOW and start increasing your profits.
Low one-off, set-up cost– only $997 or 3 easy payments of $397.

Easy, we have designed an easy to follow step through process. This simple set up allows you to simply order and then leave us to do all the work. Easy, Right? You can rest assured knowing that we will make sure to get all the info we need right at the start to stop the back and forth - let’s face it, you haven’t got time for that! The idea is to keep it super simple so that you can simply keep going with your day to day business. Hows is this for a statement: We GUARANTEE you will not be bothered again until your e-voucher set up is complete.
Click and Consider it Done.

Customers can redeem their e-vouchers in store by presenting the digital version or printed version that shows the unique voucher code and expiry date.

E-Vouchers are then accepted as gift cards in the salon.
With every online e-voucher order, your business will be notified via email of the e-voucher purchase (with a unique voucher code for your records) for management and records in your salon.


E-Vouchers are displayed in your online shop. Customers can choose a $ value e-voucher or one of your treatments, packages or products you have chosen to be sold as e-vouchers.
The buyer will have the e-voucher emailed to them instantly and they can either print out or forward the email to the person the e-voucher gift is for. The recipient receives the fully branded e-voucher that they can either print or save to their phones.


To get started, all you need to do is provide some essential information and upload your logo. We will design your e-vouchers to reflect your business' branding, then set-up and install on your website to make sales! 

We set up everything from payment, e-voucher set up to the e-voucher designed on-brand for your salon.


How it works for your business and the client...


Ready for some bonuses?  

(Here is the part where we throw in the steak knives as well… Seriously you will LOVE this bundle... Read below)


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✓ Sales Text Campaign to promote E-Vouchers to your customers.
Valued at $180

✓ Social Media Posts to promote E-Vouchers for key marketing dates.
Valued at $120

Are you Ready to have E-Vouchers in your Salon?
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“Salon Social Media! Took our salons gift cards to the next level…
With their clean interface and delivery options, our gift card sales have skyrocketed since we set up Easy E-Vouchers with Salon Social Media!

Plus, the seamless set up we got was excellent!"

– Cara 

are designed with you in mind:

Set Up E-Vouchers online to sell to your customers.. $997 or 3 easy payments of $397

buy now

E-Voucher Designs with your branding and logo.

Includes the pre-written copy for the product description and a product Image tile for your brand.

We integrate a unique voucher code for tracking in your salon. 

License and Installation to your website.

Payment and invoice setup for automation of sales

No hidden fees– one-time set up fee  & NO MONTHLY FEES

what do you need to get started?

You will receive an email instantly with an online form. We just need you to give us a few business details and log-ins in order to get started. This account set up should take you no longer than 15 minutes and once we have all the info, we don't need to bother you again until your e-vouchers are all set up on your website and ready to make sales.

how will i manage e-voucher sales in the salon?

As a bonus we also provide you with a procedure to key all e-voucher sales into POS system. This allows you to effectively manage all e-voucher sales when they are sold and redeemed.

how do i get the payment when i make a sale?

We connect your e-voucher products in your existing online shop. You will also receive an invoice notification via email each time a sales has been made. All  payments will be be sent to your bank account through your third party app like Paypal or stripe directly. We ensure your e-voucher sales are connected to your payment gateway.


We will design an A4 E-Voucher template that has your logo, brand colours. The e-voucher will also have space for the name of recipient, who it is from. The vouchers all have fields for the Unique voucher code, terms and conditions and complete business details to be included in the design.


7 business days! This gives us enough time to go through all of your business details you have provided, create your e-voucher design and have this approved by you, We take care of the entire set up as soon as we have the completed forms back from you with all your required business details.


A once-off set up cost of $997 which includes setting up e-vouchers on your Woocommerce website allowing people to choose $ value e-vouchers. We also include setting up 6 of your chosen treatments, products or packages with this one-time set up cost. You can set up additional treatments, products and packages for an additional charge.

does it work on every platform?

Easy E-Vouchers will work on any wordpress website. It works within woocommerce. Woocommerce can be set up on exisitng wordpress websites in order to set up easy e-vouchers.

can you set up special promo offers & packages to sell online?

Yes. This is just one of the great features of Easy E-Vouchers and one of the quickest ways to seriously grow your revenue. If you run special events, anything from Mother’s Day promotions and seasonal xmas packages, through to special online offers to entice new clients, simply add them (either yourself or by contacting us) as vouchers to your shop and begin selling them online.
Boost sales and gift voucher sales by sharing the individual link to e-vouchers with your social media followers or through mail shots.
We can help with your marketing and event promotions too, just ask us how!

will the online e-vouchers look suited to my website?

Yes. We brand the Easy E-Voucher system to match your business and existing website.  We take the aesthetics of your existing website and mirror them on the Voucher Pro system. We always recommend keeping the smooth, image rich and minimal design of your E-Vouchers as it is designed to get customers to the check-out stage. 

still got questions?


Join 1000+ other salon businesses from all around the world and get up and running in no time–there's nothing to lose; use our E-VOUCHER SYSTEM with no monthly or set up fees.


1 x payment of $997




3 x paymentS of $397

You will instantly receive an email to help us to get started on your E-Vouchers. As soon as we receive the required details about your business, we will be in touch to schedule a date to set up your E-Vouchers on your website!



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 No Contract
✓ 1 time set up fee
✓ Get Paid Instantly 
✓ on brand e-voucher
✓ install
✓ linked to payment integration 

 No Contract
✓ 1 time set up fee
✓ Get Paid Instantly 
✓ on brand e-voucher
✓ install
✓ linked to payment integration 

Saved us months of integration time…
In a matter of days we were able to fully integrate our online e-vouchers with our salon software and start making sales

All of this is thanks to the team at Salon Social Media who set it all up effortlessly.

This would have taken us months to work out on our own and wouldn't have been nearly as great! We simple completed the initial set up details and they really did take care of the rest!