All of your payments—including deposits, trials, events, coaching or course payments —are non-refundable.


We sell online products and trainings, that are full of our knowledge, experience and time. And that also come with hours of our hands-on help, time and energy.

And none of these things can be returned. 

Secondly, because I know from personal experience how easy it can be to second-guess yourself and your instincts.

So I’m doing the thing you are paying me to do.

I am helping you to keep your commitments by putting my foot down and saying, “Nope. None of that.”

I believe you should always treat other business women how you would like to be treated. 

Respect your time. Respect mine.

And respect the decision you already made, to invest in yourself, your business and your future. 

Any questions before you purchase? Email and I will respond before you make any purchases to work out if this is really for you.

Natalie + The Team xo

PS - We are proud of the value and quality of our programs, courses, and products. We've spent loads of time and hours to bring all everything together and bundle it into trainings that assist you to kick your goals.