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Hi, I’m Natalie Roberts of Salon Social Media, and since 2015 I have dedicated myself to helping small start ups, single operators and seriously successful salon owners in the skin, beauty, hair and cosmetic industries by delivering smart and effective salon social media solutions.

I am an ex-salon owner, with 15 years experience in running my own salon business. Mixed with my social media know how I understand the challenges that every salon owner faces and why getting social is a MUST for absolutely every salon/business owner today.

Instagram is fast becoming the hottest social media platform.

Don’t ask the question, will I find my target audience on Instagram? Ask the question, Is my target audience on Instagram?

The vast majority of Instagram users are women aged 15 – 45 years old.

Instagram can and should be used as an opportunity for you to showcase your salon and it’s work on this platform that offers businesses the opportunity to directly connect with their target audience.

Great social content gets your customers to understand that you know what you’re talking about, you do great work, and you’re relatable. Gone are the days of yellow pages. Now, we get service providers recommended by friends (who are all on social media) or we “follow” people online. 

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social media marketing for salon owners

Helping Small Start Ups, Single Operators and Seriously Successful Salon Owners in the Skin, Beauty, Hair and Cosmetic Industries by Delivering Smart and Effective Salon Social Media Solutions.

what we do

Salon Social Media will get you noticed online and to stand out in front of your competition. We have broken it down for you step by step to deliver strong brand identity to allow you to get more for less when it comes to your Salon Social Media. Increase your reach and ensure your salon target market is aware of your business!

  • Grow Your Insta Audience
  • Weekly Insta and FB Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Campaigns
  • Instant Marketing Downloads
  • Social Media Workshops
  • Online DIY Workshops

The future of marketing IS social media, and NOW is the time to get started before it really is too late.

“We deliver smart and effective salon social media to suit your needs in the form of done for you downloads, social media management, growing Instagram accounts, workshops, online courses, news and online events.” STAY CONNECTED!

With over 1.5 billion people on Facebook and over 500 Million on Instagram you might as well get started now.

Get started before your competition get ahead!

Investing now, rather than next year, could save you time and make you money for the long-term.

With a salon business background we just get it!

What we offer is designed to help you manage and grow a business you love

Are you ready to set up your Social Media for success?

Don’t waste another minute now!

Let's Talk About

grow your instagram followers for salons
Start growing your Instagram instantly with our Instagram Growth Strategy that is done-for-you!
With so many businesses out there, having a presence on social media helps authenticate a brand or business. A large following builds trust in a consumer’s mind. The more people who interact with your brand and post about your brand the more social proof you attain and the more trust you develop.
We target your ideal audience and bring them to your page with our Instagram Growth and Audience Targeting Tool! With real targeting you can increase your reach, get noticed by your ideal audience and stay ahead of your competition! Let people know who you are and what you do with this tool. WE DON’T BUY FAKE FOLLOWERS!
Don’t get left behind and have Salon Social Media manage your salons online presence so you can focus on other areas of the business! 
Your intentions are great to get your social media done! You might even know you can do it yourself. You just struggle after a long day when you really need to chill before bed, spend some time with the family. 



Weekly Salon Social Media Management
Salon On Brand Promotional Content
Sell your products and services online! Let Salon Social Media create ORIGINAL drool-worthy content designed for your salon brand! We determine who you are and what you want to communicate and design content specifically for your salon brand. Think GIF’S, Social Media Posts, Email Marketing Content, Website Updates and Promotional Packages with In-Store Posters included!

Do you need a bit of help setting up your Insta page for success?

When you click on someone’s profile on Instagram, don’t you usually take a quick look at their profile to see who they are and what they’re all about?

If your profile is boring, confusing or generic, it’s going to be hard to get new targeted followers and new clients interested in your business.

Sick and tired of getting home from a long and busy day at work and still NOT getting your salon social media sorted?

Attract and engage your ideal clients with a new and improved on-brand and aesthetic look with our INSTA SALON INSTANT MAKE-OVER

Instant Instagram Makeover for salon

Top-Notch Salon Marketing Strategies We Provide

Instagram Posts for salons

Catering specifically to your salon brand, products, treatments and promotional offers. Ensuring your feeds look on brand, neat and attractive. Instagram posts to keep your social media account relevant with regular posting.

Graphic Designs for salon businesses

Showcasing your chosen promotional offers monthly. Enhancing your influence with social media posting and communicating your offers to make the most of your daily Instagram management subscription! Monthly promotional content designed to showcase your salon promotional offers designed specifically for your brand posted to social.

Audience and Growth Targeting for salons

Our Secret Salon Social Media formula will guarantee to grow your Instagram account daily with real and relevant targeting and increase engagement. Your salon business will get noticed on INSTA! We bring people to your page, and you will notice an increase in real and relevant followers, more comments and likes for your page, and people interested in your salon business.

Instagram Posting
Instagram Posting
Facebook posting
Facebook Posting
On Brand Content
On Brand Content
Audience and Growth Targeting Icon
Follower Growth
Email Campaigns Icon
Email Campaigns
Generation Leads Icon
Generate Leads

What Other's Say About Salon Social Media

Are you proud of your salon’s social media?

Is your salon brand putting its best foot forward?

Here are a few signs that your salon needs some TLC on social media:
Your business looks or sounds like every other person doing the same kind of work as you and you are fading into the crowd.
You want to hang your head in shame anytime someone says, “I saw you on social media!”
You are attracting clients that make you want to run, hide and abandon your business. Where are all the dream clients at?
People who know you find your business online and say, It doesn’t look like you. You are not like that in real life.
Clients are shocked when they meet you in person, because your brand doesn’t showcase who you really are.
salon social media management
Contact Salon Social Media MGMT
Q & A with Natalie.

Click here to secure your 20 minute call with Natalie.

Gain clarity on where you are at with your social media, what you would like to achieve and the best ways to use social media to market your salon business.

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Salon Social Media is a boutique marketing agency which specialises in creating digital and social solutions for businesses in the beauty, skin, spa and salon industry. The agency is headed up by former beauty salon owner Natalie Lacy!


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Melbourne, VICTORIA 3186
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