E-Vouchers for your Salon!

E-Vouchers for your Salon!


Think Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas and more… When your salon is not open and someone wants to buy a Gift Voucher this is the perfect product!

simply fill out the form you will receive with your purchase that includes your wordpress log in details, logo and we will instantly start setting these up on your website for you!

With #SSM E-Voucher set up we have also made it easy for you to let your client’s know that you know sell e-vouchers online with the following included marketing material that you can either print or leave in store.

  • email template with step by step instructions on how to buy e-vouchers from your website
  • social media posts
  • Poster for print and use in store
  • Facebook Banner


Do you want to make dollars online 24/7 through selling E-Vouchers for your salon online. Imagine sending out emails to promote e-vouchers for Valentines Day. Have clients INSTANTLY buy them online and they are all sent to your clients with codes and messages. Your client receives the email in their inbox. They can print this designed vouchers, even forward it to another person as a gift via email.
All you do as the salon is enter the Voucher codes. You will receive via email each time someone buys an e-voucher online. This ensures effective management of E-Vouchers in store today.
We can set up E-Vouchers that you can sell on your salon website today for ONLY $399! Think of all those lovely ways you can make extra sales online. Do it now and don’t miss out on this extra opportunity for sales for your salon.
CONTACT natalie@salonsocialmedia.com.au and let’s discuss how easy it is to get set up today!
Make the most of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and Birthday Gift Vouchers. E-Vouchers gives your customers the opportunity to buy vouchers. Without even coming into the salon. This means money for you in your account. When you have Salon Social Media set this up for you once and for all.


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