Insta Salon Instant Makeover - Salon Social Media
Salon Social Media Management. Let us manage your salon presence online professionally. We will keep you looking on brand and in front of your clients.
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Insta Salon Instant Makeover

Insta Salon Instant Makeover Banner

Do you need a bit of help with your Instagram Page?


These day, more and more people are turning to Instagram instead of Google to search for businesses. Is your profile ready?

Imagine getting your social media sorted just one week after you think it need’s a make-over?

Think of the headaches that would get rid of!

Insta Salon Instant Make-Over sees our team get all the info we need from you to prepare and present you with an Instagram line up that will showcase your salon how you wan to be seen finally! We include your branding, prepare the captions and hashtags and we can even post it all for you!

Are you ready to set up your Insta page for success?

Sick and tired of getting home from a long and busy day at work and still NOT getting your salon social media sorted?

Don’t waste another minute now!

Does your business look a little like this;

A plain, cluttered or outdated social media profile isn’t good for your salon business.

Neglecting your social presence is detrimental; you want to make sure prospective customers are introduced to your business through a dynamic page with accurate business details.

But you know it should like this;

With our Salon Social Media Insta Salon Instant Make-Over

Affordable and fast, your social media will finally look how you want it to look – and work as a marketing tool for your business, generate returns and pay for itself.

PERFECT for salons that want to have an on point and envious Instagram page but just don’t have the time.

You want to get it done, you know it needs to be done and you want it done well once and for all!




Let me show you how it is done!




I created the Insta Salon Instant Make-Over to assist salon’s in setting up their Instagram fast & properly (just like I did with my own social media…!)

No fluff. No BS. Just the step-by-step stuff that I know really works.


So you can skip the years of trial and error, and get straight to the good stuff.

What’s Included:

– Initial 1 hour consultation and questionnaire to determine your brand’s visual aesthetic, tone of voice and core message.

– Content Calendar.

– A complete 30 days content plan that shows you exactly how your feed will look as like posted.

– 30 images relevant to your salon brand line up, expressing and communicating your business.

– Captions and Hashtags to be used on each post.

– A complete 30 days Aesthetic line up styled and ready to be scheduled to your salon’s social media.

*Insta Salon Instant Make-over is a one time charge of $495 and you will receive 30 social media post images, captions to go with each image also the hashtags for the same image that you can choose to post in your own time, either all at once or scheduled over time.


  • For an additional $50 we will post your 30 days of social content, either all at once, 15 posts all at once and then daily for the next 15 days.
    • we will also delete any old posts if suggested on your instagram feed to ensure you have a well kept an on-brand looking instagram page
    • for an additional $29 we can also post each post as requested above to your facebook page
  • INSTA SECRET WEAPON will ensure your new on-brand instagram feed is noticed. This can also be added for 30 days at just $29 extra per week.

Set up your Instagram page like a 24/7 shop front!

Stay ahead of your competition!

  • Before Salon Social Media

    Here is an example of a client before Salon Social Media's Insta Salon Instant Makeover!

  • After Insta Salon Instant Make-Over

    > Daily posting with a strategy to gain influence within her niche > Engaging brand story, conveyed through written captions and visual content > Visually striking content that grabs attention of clients > Creative imagery of actual work product displayed

  • After Insta Salon Instant Make-Over

  • After Insta Salon Instant Make-Over

    > Daily posting with a strategy to gain influence within her niche > Engaging brand story, conveyed through written captions and visual content > Visually striking content that grabs attention of clients > Creative imagery of actual work product displayed

What other salon owner’s have to say!


“SSM have taken my business to the next level. I didn’t understand the fundamentals about social media and how to get my name out there, and they came in and filled in all the gaps. From an amazing website to a rocking Instagram page. I never knew the reach that Instagram had, but I’ve gained so many new clients plus my existing clients are also extremely impressed and now ‘want’ to follow it. I feel really taken care of, and any questions, queries, no matter how big or small are answered in a timely manner and in a way I can actually understand…”


“I’ve worked with SSM on many brands, I love their energy and passion for what they do. SSM is my go-to when creating and setting up a brand. Natalie and her team have done just that and more for my business.”


“I cannot tell you how many hours I gained in my day once I had Natalie and her team look after my socials. It is one of the best decisions I have made. If you are thinking about it, you will not regret it. My socials look fabulous and my audience and followers continue to grow steadily. There is also the added bonus that Natalie has industry specific experience, making the content communication seamless.”


Salon Social Media have been fantastic, Not only have they grown our two individual business’s pages followers drastically over the last 3 weeks,since we joined, & not to mention a absolutely pretty page that i can’t wait to check out each morning when i wake up,  But even better i now have MORE time to focus on other parts of the business, or have a glass of bubbly hehe 🙂  Cant recommend Natalie and the team at Salon Social Media.. 🙂  Thank you guys 🙂 


“We have worked with SSM for over a year and have been thrilled with the results. Natalie is always open to helping us out with our marketing needs and provided valuable feedback, we would highly recommend SSM”


I have only been using Salon Social Media for a month and have increased my followers by about 700% in such a short time. This has translated into bookings so it’s paying for itself at this point. Also my existing guests have been commenting on how good my social media has been looking.

Ready to set up your social’s and stay ahead of your competition?

Don’t waste another minute, let’s do this now!




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