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Go Behind the Scenes, Boost your Salon Social Media Strategy

Behind-the-scenes marketing is a fast becoming a trend in growing audiences in social media, specifically Instagram.

Being a visual platform, it just makes sense to go behind the scenes on social media. And the beauty industry is making the most out of this.

Audiences are always curious to know what’s going on behind the curtains, and it can be a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your brand.

So how can salons and spas integrate this technique into your Instagram marketing strategy? Here are some awesome tips from Salon Social Media MGMT.


Share What Your Team Does Behind the Scenes

Salons have become a safe haven for most of its customers. And it’s more comforting for your patrons to know that you and your team have awesome teamwork behind the scenes.

Take candid shots of your team at work and post it on your Instagram feed. It can be a quick video of you eating lunch together on your Instagram Stories. Or just hanging out after a day’s shift. You can even share what your day looks like, and talk about your routine.



The point is, customers, want to deal with people too. And showing what you do behind the scenes show how genuine you are.

Show Sneak Peeks of your Salon’s New Products and Services

Make your audience feel like they’re a part of the discovery process, especially if you’re testing new products and services.

Your customers will appreciate it if you ask for their opinions and feedback. Engage with them through conversations and be interested in what they have to say. You can even run contests for new products. Or invite your most loyal customers to try out new services for a discounted rate.

Ask for their testimonials and reviews from those who tried your products. This will show potential customers how others are experiencing your services. Doing so will help you create a positive brand perception.

Educate your Audience about Specific Products or Treatments in your Salon

Instagram Story is a powerful tool that you can use to educate potential customers, beauty enthusiasts, and other salon professionals. And with the newly released Instagram TV, it can be a platform where you can share your expertise as a salon business owner.

It’s actually a pretty cool way to share moments of your day. Here you can showcase photos and videos, which will be shown in a slideshow on Instagram.

Sharing Instagram Stories also keep you at the top of your followers’ feeds. This gives you better chances of engaging with your audience.

So what can you share in your Instagram Stories? Here are some content ideas:

  • Unboxing new products
  • Brand and product reviews
  • Make-up tutorials
  • How to’s and beauty tips
  • Product testing

You can also share teasers of soon-to-be-released services, or any new products you will be releasing. Teaser photos can help catch your audiences’ attention and give you the chance to engage with them.

Check out these awesome tips on how to design Instagram stories from

Take Photos of What you Do during Downtimes

Instagram is an awesome platform to showcase your personality. So don’t be scared to show what you do on your downtime.

Take photos of yourself outside of work and share your passions and hobbies. Remember, these posts are an extension of who you are as a brand. While it’s important for you to show the world your true self, you still need to keep your posts in line with your brand.

Share some photos of you and your team during downtimes in your salon too. Make sure to highlight your employees and what they do when having fun.

Like this candid shot from @_barber_ and how they must have felt after a long day.

View this post on Instagram

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Feature new employees or take a few moments to appreciate the loyal ones and give them a shout out. They will surely appreciate it, and doing so will allow your brand to appear more transparent to your followers.

Instagram content doesn’t always have to be marketing driven. So feel free to let your hair down every once in a while.

Give a Behind the Scenes Look at your Workspace

Take a shot of your workstation and share where the magic happens. Take note to use the right hashtags with your post.

Check out this post as an example from  @salonrepublic where they shared their new workspace.

Your workspace doesn’t have to be squeaky clean. It just has to be neat and a bit organized. Also, make sure to remove any confidential papers or information before you take the pic.


Giving your audience a behind the scenes look builds trust and creates transparency between you and your potential customers.

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